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My recent experience with Hercules the Legendary puppy has given me a great deal of food for thought.  It’s not that I haven’t had the thoughts before, but this time they came to me with a clarity I could not ignore.

Hercules is my hero.  I’d love to be more like him.  You see, he never gives up.  He loves unconditionally and passionately.  He doesn’t whine about his pain.  He works around any and all limitations we put in front of him.  He eats when he’s hungry.  He sleeps when he’s tired.  He lets you know immediately if you’ve done something he doesn’t like and then it’s over.  He doesn’t hold grudges.

For the last couple of days, he’s gone to the back door periodically, thinking he wanted to go outside.  He would stand in the doorway, cold breeze washing over him, and consider it.  Sometimes, he would carefully back up and then return to his bed.  Other times, he would step out the door into the cold and make his way to the other end of the yard to visit the dog next door or do his business.  No matter of coaxing can make him go when he’s not ready.  When he is, he just goes.  I can relate.  Many times I believe that I should move in a certain direction with my life.  I’ll stand in the doorway and consider.  Sometimes I back up and rest more.  Sometimes I move forward.  Like, the dog, I simply don’t move until I’m ready.

My goal for 2010 is to be ready.  For whatever is thrown at me.  And to realize the miracles when they come to me.

Happy New Year 2010 – the year for miracles!


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