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It was an innocent question from Miss Chaney who lives across the street from me.  She’s 11 years old and questions everything incessantly.  There aren’t always easy answers to her questions.  And she normally continues asking additional questions until she gets an answer that satisfies her.

It was monday morning and daylight savings time had just kicked in.  I was at my desk when the school bus pulled up, honked and left.  Then Trudy from across the street called and asked “Did the time change or something?!?”    I laughed at her confusion and confirmed that the time had indeed Sprung Forward.

She asked, as she raced off to work, if I could take the kids to school.  I told her I would indeed take the children for her but she would have to pay me back – not for taking the girls to school, but for answering the question I knew would come from Miss Chaney.  We laughed together as she admitted she hadn’t even told the children why they were late because she’d been in such a hurry herself.

I pulled into their driveway, the two girls got into my car and I waited, prepared with the best explanation I knew for Daylight Savings time.

We hadn’t gone very far when Chaney turned to me with a puzzled look on her face and asked her question, “What happened to the time?”

On the surface,  in that context, it was a pretty simple question.  She was satisfied with my answer about how the farmers needed more daylight time to get their fields plowed.

After I dropped the children off and came home, I contemplated the question itself.  I kept turning it around in my mind.  “What happened to the time?”  I thought about how many times I had asked myself that very question.  It usually comes up at graduations and weddings and funerals for me.  Or when children I used to babysit for show up with children of their own.  

I’m not sure I have any good answers today.  But I do encourage you to ask youself the question frequently as you wander through your days.  What happened to the time?  How did you spend it?  Did you have fun?  Did you reach your goals?  Did you give every moment of time the respect that it deserved?


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