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It’s a habit of mine that started years ago. I have been asked by many “Where does that COME from?” It’s one of those stories I love to share.

I used to do daycare in my home. Charlene was one of my “part timers”. She was only at my house on specified days. She loved coming to my house and playing with the other children. One afternoon as she was dropping her off, her mother told me a fun story.

“She loves coming here, you know.” I smiled and nodded as she continued. “Every morning she gets up and asks me ‘Is today a hollyday?’ “. I laughed out loud at the way she said it, blending it together to make it sound like holiday. “Ah, Mary, in my house EVERY day is a holiday! Happy Wednesday!”

It now defines me to many people. There is a service station that I visit multiple times every day. I didn’t realize how spoiled they were by my greeting until I sent my beautiful Mike in my place one evening. The clerk greeted him with a stern “Where is Holly?”

Mike explained that I was still working and he was helping me out by running some errands for me. She was disappointed, she hadn’t gotten her “Happy Tuesday” from me and she was going to be working at a different store for the next few days. Not getting her “Happy Tuesday” from me just wasn’t acceptable! She’d had a rough day and she NEEDED her Happy Tuesday…..

Mike tried, in a falsetto voice, to mollify her. “Happy Tuesday,” he squeaked. She wouldn’t have any of it, he was too tall. He scrunched himself down and tried again, but to no avail. She was having none of it. He gave up and came home.

When he arrived home, he notified me that I needed to call the service station. I was pretty involved in my project and not crazy about being interrupted. I looked at him quizzically, “For what purpose?” He explained “Jessica needs a happy tuesday, and it must come from you!” I laughed out loud and dialed the phone. It was a simple enough request. When she answered I called out “HAPPY TUESDAY” and we laughed. As her day got better, so did mine.

In retrospect, it happens to me frequently. I’ve started to notice when I walk into that particular establishment how they wait expectantly for my greeting. If I don’t greet them, they throw one at me. Or they sulk until I greet them appropriately.

Before I leave, I must give them the command. It’s become routine now. They tell me to “have a nice day”. I respond “Absolutely NOT. I don’t have days. I will make it a great day! It’s always a choice, you know!” I always leave them with a smile, no matter how many “bad” things are happening in my world. It’s a rule.

And so, I say to you:

“Happy Saturday!”


“Make it a great day!”


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