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I woke up this morning and contemplated the mess I’ve made over the last week.  The table is covered with books and the comb bind bookmaker and papers and covers and all those little pieces of papers……. Well, it’s a mess. 

I laugh for a moment and remember a poem that made it to the Pink Book sometime in the late 80’s:

My kitchen looks

Like a disaster

The food is great

But what comes after

Makes me shudder

Shake and cringe

After a holiday

Cooking binge


I often wonder

what posesses

Me to make

so many messes……


It holds true even now, as I review the last few weeks.  Instituting our 2nd Saturday girls’ night was one heckuva mess.  I had forgotten how to make a milkshake and there was hot fudge and ice cream all over the kitchen.  Oh but they tasted good, I hear.

This week has been a week of relearning.  Working on a new adventure, using knowledge I haven’t touched in a while.  Reaching into my subconscious and finding the little tidbits of the prior goals that got lost in the chaos of life as we knew it.

It’s typical of me, I suppose.  I bury myself in a project until it’s complete when I can.  Then I step back, take a deep breath and clean up the mess I made in the process.   I can track this behavior in just about every area of my life – woodshop (oh my), cooking, learning….  Searching through books and websites to find the answers I already knew.

Re-establishing habits that will allow me to have the things I want in life. 

The line “I often wonder what posesses me to make so many messes” is suits me today.  Because I am reminded that, once I make the messes, I clean it up and leave that area of my life in a better way.

Happy Saturday, let the cleanup begin!


Addendum:  8:38 am.  The kitchen again looks like a kitchen.  Everything that has a place is in it’s place.  I reach over to the button on my desk, press it and listen to the voice “That was easy”.  It really was.


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