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Flashback to the last big snow. . . .December 16, 2007

I woke up this morning to a snow covered world – it was beautiful and peaceful and the snow was pristine – having floated from the heavens and landed softly on the yards, trees, houses, cars & fences all over my neighborhood. There were no tracks in it at all – not even dog prints. Herc had begged to come in last night and spent the night in the garage next to the radiant heater. Sorry, pal, it’s the best I can do for the moment.

Two hours later, much of the snowfall was stll intact. Our front yard, however, was obviously the scene of an all out war. Tracks led here and there, hither and yon. Big holes of empty air had replaced much of the smooth blanket of snow, where children (of all ages) had scooped up the snow, pressed it into a snowball and launched it at one of the others doing much the same.

By noon, Jordan and Chaney had been invited to join – and the yard and driveway looked more and more like a war zone. I left to get a soda and made a secret stop at KMart where I bought the last sled they had – 66″ of plastic toboggan. The luge sled, it was labeled. And hats, and gloves so that when the ones we were wearing got soaked, we could throw them in the dryer, put on dry ones and just keep having fun!

Two cars were required to go to Ellis school – I took the sleds – the new toboggan, the little yellow disk sled left over from Brian’s youth (WOW, say the children THIS YELLOW ONE GOES FAST!). And three from Jordan and Chaney’s house.

Mike took all the children – Derrick, Bradley, Makayla, Jordan and Chaney. And the sledding adventure began. It had to happen, you see, because I found out this morning that Mike’s children have NEVER been sledding. Never. Bradley is 10 years old and today was his first time to ride a sled down a hill in the snow. I tried to wrap my brain around it – remembering my children on sleds going down Ellis hill before they were even old enough to attend the school. Brian in a snowsuit, 2 years old, sitting on his mother or father’s lap down the hill.

Derrick was perhaps the most fun to watch – awkwardly – arms and legs flailing here and there down the hill as fast as he could make it go, leaning this way and that trying to turn it. He took over the toboggan – it was big enough to hold his sixteen year old body and fast enough to please his 4 or 5 year old mind.

Bradley took the yellow one. Of course, it goes fast. And Makayla took the little red disk with the built in handles on the side. I got a shot of them running, dragging their sleds behind them, towards Ellis hill. Except for Bradley, he was too close to me to get in the pictures. I did my best to stay at the top of the hill and get pictures of them streaking down the hill. Mike is prone to belly flopping onto the sled and launching it as fast and far as he can. I tried it, with a lifetime of memories flooding through my brain. Trying to imagine my life without sledding. I can’t.

I am thankful for the snow. I am thankful for the people in my world that put me on a sled and launched me down a hill when I could barely walk. I’m thankful for this day in time, when I can pass that on to the Fabulous Five children in my world. Apparently Chaney and Jordan aren’t very experienced sledders either.

And so, if you haven’t done so lately, I highly recommend grabbing a sled, or a snow shovel, or a piece of flat plastic anything and standing at the top of a big hill, throwing yourself onto the sled or whatever and careening down the hill. It is still fun!!


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My recent experience with Hercules the Legendary puppy has given me a great deal of food for thought.  It’s not that I haven’t had the thoughts before, but this time they came to me with a clarity I could not ignore.

Hercules is my hero.  I’d love to be more like him.  You see, he never gives up.  He loves unconditionally and passionately.  He doesn’t whine about his pain.  He works around any and all limitations we put in front of him.  He eats when he’s hungry.  He sleeps when he’s tired.  He lets you know immediately if you’ve done something he doesn’t like and then it’s over.  He doesn’t hold grudges.

For the last couple of days, he’s gone to the back door periodically, thinking he wanted to go outside.  He would stand in the doorway, cold breeze washing over him, and consider it.  Sometimes, he would carefully back up and then return to his bed.  Other times, he would step out the door into the cold and make his way to the other end of the yard to visit the dog next door or do his business.  No matter of coaxing can make him go when he’s not ready.  When he is, he just goes.  I can relate.  Many times I believe that I should move in a certain direction with my life.  I’ll stand in the doorway and consider.  Sometimes I back up and rest more.  Sometimes I move forward.  Like, the dog, I simply don’t move until I’m ready.

My goal for 2010 is to be ready.  For whatever is thrown at me.  And to realize the miracles when they come to me.

Happy New Year 2010 – the year for miracles!

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